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E-Outreach : New media technologies for advocacy and strategic communication

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E-Outreach & Engagement: Workshop on New Media for Strategic Communication in Development


E outreach

Apply Now!
Applications close on
17 May 2013

5 – 7 June 2013
Colombo, Sri Lanka

Organised by
Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), India
in collaboration with
TVE Asia Pacific (TVEAP), Sri Lanka

Nagarodaya Centre (Sarvodaya’s city office)
155/A, Danister De Silva Mawatha (Baseline Road), Colombo 8, Sri Lanka

This free, 3-day skills development workshop is intended for:

those working full-time or part-time in development and social organisations that are non-profit-making and service-oriented;
staff handling advocacy, awareness, activism or other outreach/engagement work; and
those with computer proficiency and keen to sharpen skills in new media and social media.
Interested freelance journalists may also apply, but this is not a media skills workshop.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs….These and other forms of new media are fast evolving. They have already become a major outreach and engagement tool for business, and the development sector cannot afford to ignore their potential. With rising levels of Internet use, especially on mobile devices, new media offers development and social organisations low-cost, effective ways of reaching out different segments of society.

But how to make sense of the dozens of platforms and hundreds of applications available?
Which ones offer the best outreach and engagement potential in the South Asian context?
What should be the key elements of a new media strategy for an organisation?
Where are the best practices, and which precautions are recommended?

Two organisations that are regional leaders in communicating for social change, the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) in India and TVE Asia Pacific (TVEAP) in Sri Lanka, are collaborating to offer a three-day workshop on how to leverage new media and social media for advocacy and strategic communication.

This course is modelled on a South Asian course that was held in New Delhi in January 2013 but has been customised with Sri Lankan content and resource persons.

Workshop Content:
The workshop module, to be delivered by leading researchers and practitioners of new media drawn from India and Sri Lanka, would cover the following topics in a non-technical manner:
Understanding the new media landscape: platforms, channels and tools, as well as key principles and dynamics that set them apart from all other media
How best to leverage new media in communicating for social change in South Asian context
Integrating print, electronic, web and social media outreach strategies
Blogging: setting up and managing blogs, catalysing online discussions
Using social media strategically (with focus on Facebook and Twitter) and how to engage in social media conversations
Beyond words: online tools and platforms to generate and share images and graphics
How to share and manage videos online as part of wider advocacy campaigns
Customising content for mobile access and sharing
Measuring, monitoring and evaluating new media communication strategies: Understanding web statistics, Google data and other web analysis tools
What every web user should know in terms of cyber security, privacy, intellectual property, data mining, etc.

The workshop will be conducted in English. Functional proficiency in English is expected.

Course Fee:
This is being offered FREE to representatives of legitimate development organisations. Private individuals or those working in corporate sector are not eligible due to limited number of places.

Eligibility & Application
This short course is limited to 25 participants selected from open application process.
Applications are invited from Sri Lankan nationals working full-time or part-time in development and/or social organisations and handling advocacy, awareness, activism and other outreach and engagement work. This is not for administrative or management persons.
Those working with international development organisations may also be considered, but priority will be given to those working with national or local organisations.
Multiple applications from the same organisation are welcome, although they will compete among themselves.
Interested freelance journalists may also apply, but this is NOT a media workshop.
To keep the application process simple, we will accept self-nominations by interested participants. If selected, they need to obtain duty leave from their employers.



If you have difficulty submitting online, you may email your applications to:
Nadeeja Abeyasekara, Email: nadeeja[@] and
Kiran Pandey, Email: <kiran[@]> with copy to <kirandwi[@]>

Selected participants will be informed by 27 May 2013. Those from outside Colombo district and needing accommodation and travel support can be considered on a case by case basis.

Those attending all sessions will be awarded a certificate.

For further details, please contact:

Ms Nadeeja Abeyasekera
IT & New Media Manager - TVE Asia Pacific
9/3 Gemunu Mawatha, Nawala Road, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka  
Email: nadeeja[@]



Photos courtesy: Center for Science & Environment

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