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Home > News 28 March 2012

IWMI wins 2012 Stockholm Water Prize

Stockholm Water Prize 2012

TVE Asia Pacific extends its warm congratulations to the International Water Management Institute (IWMI), which has just been named the 2012 Stockholm Water Prize Laureate.

The research institute is being recognized “for their pioneering research that has served to improve agriculture water management, enhance food security, protect environmental health and alleviate poverty in developing countries”.

The Award announcement was made on the UN World Water Day, 22 March 2012. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden will present the prize at a Royal Award Ceremony during the 2012 World Water Week in Stockholm on August 30.

In its citation, the Stockholm Water Prize Nominating Committee said: “The International Water Management Institute is the foremost organisation in agricultural water management. Their work has led to new policies and investments in agriculture that have not only enabled more productive use of water, but have enhanced food security, economic development and environmental health around the world.” 

Dr Colin Chartres, Director General of IWMI, said in response to the award: “It is an incredible honour for our organisation…The real winners, of course, are IWMI’s dedicated staff members who, for just over a quarter of a century, have consistently delivered research of the highest quality. This work has had a profound influence on water management policy throughout the globe, delivering real benefits for some of the poorest people on earth.”

Watch online:

Dr Colin Chartres responds to IWMI being awarded the 2012 Stockholm Water Prize

Video produced by TVEAP for IWMI

IWMI is one of 15 international research centres collectively known as the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR).

Founded in 1984, IWMI is a nonprofit, scientific research organisation focusing on the sustainable use of land and water resources in agriculture, to benefit poor people in developing countries. Its mission is “to improve the management of land and water resources for food, livelihoods and the environment.”

TVEAP filmed a short video for IWMI, capturing the reaction by Dr Colin Chartres to the award announcement.

To mark IWMI's 25th anniversary in 2010/11, TVE Asia Pacific was commissioned to film a series of video interviews with the current and past Board Chairs and Directors General who have provided intellectual leadership to the institute.

Since early 2010, TVEAP has also been working with Dr Chartres to produce his web video series, Colin’s STRAIGHTtalk.

The Institute has its headquarters in Colombo, Sri Lanka, with regional offices across Asia and Africa. IWMI is a CGIAR Consortium Research Centre and works in partnership with developing countries, international and national research institutes, universities and other organisations to develop tools and technologies that contribute to poverty reduction as well as food and livelihood security.
The Stockholm Water Prize is a global award founded in 1991 and presented annually by the Stockholm International Water Institute to an individual, organisation or institution for outstanding water-related achievements. The Stockholm Water Prize Laureate receives USD 150,000 and a crystal sculpture specially designed and created by Orrefors.
Founders of the Stockholm Water Prize are Swedish and international companies in collaboration with the City of Stockholm. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden is patron of the prize.

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