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World Challenge: Afghan Hands
World Challenge: No Beating about the Bush
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Receive international TV films on development for free!

TVE Asia Pacific has an extensive film catalogue, covering many subjects, themes and topics related to science, environment, health, human rights and social issues.

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All films have been made journalistically to international broadcast standards, and are suitable for non-specialist and non-technical audiences.

TV stations across the Asia Pacific can now order these films online – free of license fees.

Currently, we are able to supply in the following broadcast master tape formats:

Betacam SP (PAL)
Mini DV (PAL)

Through this service, we promote the broadcast of public interest content in the Asia Pacific.

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Note: If you are not a broadcaster but still interested in using our films, you may order DVDs or video tapes from
our e-shop.

TVE Asia Pacific uses TV, video and web media to communicate for social change.
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