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“I believe that every TV programme has some educational value. The cathode ray tube – and now the plasma screen - is a window to the world.”
- Sir Arthur C Clarke, inventor of the communications satellite

The long-held traditions of teaching are giving way to learning. In the media-rich world of today, more and more people have the chance to learn at a pace and place of their choice.

Moving images – on broadcast, narrowcast or online platforms – are playing an important role in this process. Teachers and students in schools, colleges and universities are using video to bring the world of knowledge into their seats of learning…and to express their own creativity. Meanwhile, more and more self-learning courses are available online, many using video elements.

TVE Asia Pacific has a rich collection of video films from all over the world, covering a broad range of issues, topics and subjects related to development, humanitarian and social sectors. Some are our own productions; we also distribute many films made by independent film-makers, broadcasters or development organisations. They come in different durations and formats.

These films are a resource for learners, teachers and trainers. And all are offered without any license fee - the content is entirely free; we charge only to cover duplication and dispatch costs.

Check out our low prices for video and DVD copies on our e-shop.

Would you like us to produce a new video for your educational needs? Contact us on

TVE Asia Pacific uses TV, video and web media to communicate for social change.
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