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Film Title: World Challenge: A Bright Idea
Duration: 10 mins
Year of production: 2009
Countries filmed in: Sri Lanka


Where is the next global epidemic lurking?
Can terrorism reverse decades of economic and democratic progress?
Will climate change seriously disrupt our lives and lifestyles?
How to grow more food in a world running short of freshwater?
What happens when we run out of oil?

Life in the 21st century can be daunting -- especially to unprepared minds.

Your viewers no longer need to fear the unknown. Expand their minds with the latest updates on health, energy, environment, globalization, peace, science and technology. TVE Asia Pacific’s global film catalogue has titles on these and many other topics of current interest -- there’s something for everyone!

These come in different formats: animations, documentaries, studio debates, short films and public service announcements (PSAs).

All have been journalistically produced, in English, to international broadcast standards by top film-makers or production houses in different parts of the world, particularly in Asia Pacific – home to half of humanity.

All films are available free of license fees to TV channels.

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TVE Asia Pacific uses TV, video and web media to communicate for social change.
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