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Home > News 20 June 2011

TVEAP Films in Green Unplugged Online Film Festival


Saving the Planet series

Several documentary films produced by TVE Asia Pacific (TVEAP) have been selected to be showcased in the Green Unplugged Film Festival which opened online this month.

The five films (see box), selected from a review process, cover topics as diverse as biodiversity conservation, climate change, water resource management and education for sustainable development.

Green Unplugged LogoThe films have already been received well by the online audience.

Film makers of 113 countries are participating in Green Unplugged Film Festival. According to the organisers, it is a festival where “people unite to share their voices, not only as film-makers but culture-makers as well”.

The festival will facilitate contemplation, connection and celebration of life, culture and nature through moving images. It is non-commercial and driven by a socio-spiritual mission serving people around the world.

The festival is organised by Culture Unplugged, a non-profit collective which ran an open call in April 2011 for green and socially conscious film makers to submit their entries online.

TVEAP entries in Green Unplugged

The Greenbelt Reports: Armed by Nature (27mins)
Small Islands, Big Impact (6 mins)
South Asia: Crowed Land, Drying Rivers (9 mins)  
Mekong Watch that River! (8 mins)  
  Saving the Planet series(10 mins x 6)  
Cambodia: Floating the Future  
The Philippines: Rising from the Ashes  
India: Living the Change  
Laos: It's Alive!  
Thailand: Smile Again!  
Nepal: Voice of a Valley  

The team at Culture Unplugged believes that awards which require top-down contemplation and selection by few is less important to viewers response and offers rewards as tools and means for further production.

A total of 952 films are showcased on Green Unplugged and can be watched online at Film Festival TV. The event is also covered on the social media with its own Facebook page, and Twitter feed.

Yogesh Jagam of Culture Unplugged Festival Team says that the audience arrives to online festivals with specific seeking and includes activists, professors, film-makers as well as producers from countries across the globe – they not only identify with the films, but also the talent behind them.

"Todate, since the launch of our first online film festival in 2008, the festival has been visited by more than 16 million people from 231+ countries and 31,000+ cities,” he adds.

Culture Unplugged set out to create “a global community of conscious creatives and their audiences, to reflect on issues and life experiences in contemporary world”.

Watch Green UnpluggedThey have been partnered by some 114 organisations including UN agencies, production companies, TV broadcasters and research and advocacy groups.

Culture Unplugged’s mission and philosophy is playing the role of a facilitator with its offerings and passes on all of sponsorship and contributions generated directly to the film-makers, producers or distributors.

Culture Unplugged debuted in May 2008 with its first online film festival. They have since then launched seven festivals, and also hosted four theme-based festivals: We Speak, Here; Humanity Explored; Green Unplugged and Spirit Enlightened.

These festivals explore the present forms of individual being, the currents of our collective humanity, the earth, the nature, the environment, as well as the ever-evolving spirit and consciousness.

The participating films are covered by the Creative Commons license -- a way to protect the creative work while encouraging certain defined uses of them by others.

The organisation is currently coordinated from three locations: San Francisco in the USA, Pune in India and Auckland in New Zealand.

TVEAP films on Green Unplugged

Photos courtsey of Green Unplugged website and TVEAP Image Archive



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